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All KandyBikes products have a 370 day warranty for assembly and craftsmanship from the date of shipping.  Many parts also have extended manufacturers warranties like 2 to 5 years on the carbon rims, depending on the version.  All different branded hubs will have their own warranties that we can service.

Hand Built Wheels

All KandyBikes wheel sets are hand built with close attention to the amount and uniformity of the tension.  Optimal tensions vary due to different  materials and items being used.  All factors are taken into account when building quality wheels.  Most wheels are machine built.  These wheels aren't bad by nature, in fact there is a basic consistency and convenience afforded by quality machine set ups. What a machine cannot do is dial in the max tension while also maintaining relatively even tension throughout, also while all being true.  This is why our hand built wheels will have a stiffer feel and function, creating a faster rolling, more predictable, and more durable ride.  


There are many, many colors available for the custom builds offered by us.  For powder coating, Prismatic Powders is used.  For painting of carbon, Sherwin-Willams auto paint is used or KP pigments are added to the base paint.  Please use their respective color libraries when looking for and ordering specific colors.  Of course, you certainly don't have to spend the time in the rabbit hole of a color search if you don't want to. If you aren't picky and have a general color scheme, we can do the looking for you and you can then approve the colors that we present. 

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