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Turquoise Color Set

Turquoise Color Set

SKU: KBT1111

This set is done up in a glossy Turquoise with a green flake clear top coat.  It looks a bit like mint chocolate chip.  The wheels are boost spacing with 27mm inner rim widths and an XD driver for your favoride wide range cassette.  With centerlock disc mounts and 28 spoke count the wheel build is sturdy enough to handle aggresive trail riding. The cranks have a 30mm spindle, Sram 3 bolt direct mount for the chainring, and 170mm long arms.  The matching water bottle cage is the final accent to make the bike pop.  This is just one example of the customizabiltiy of these color sets.  there are many options for components and colors for any set like this, or for any individual piece.  Please contact us to get started on your own personal set if this is not the one for you.

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