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Orange Color set Custom Coated

Orange Color set Custom Coated

SKU: KBO1111

This Color set is finished with Prismatic Powders Illusion Orange.  These wheels are laced to non boost spacing hubs 15x100 and 12x142 with 6 bolt disc mounts.  The inner rim width is 23mm here, great for slightly narrow trail/XC tires or gravel and commuter bikes.  The cranks are 170mm long and have a 30mm spindle with the 3 bold Sram direct mount intreface for the chainring.  The bottle cage is the final accent for the after market color set to make your bike stand out.  This is just one example of the custom components and colors that one can find with KandyBikes.  Please feel free to message us to get your custom set or other parts started if this is not the one for you.  Cheers.

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