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A world Full of Color

Autumn is in full swing here in the Black Hills of South Dakota. I have gotten plenty of chances to get out and enjoy the scenery. Unfortunately the KandyBikes group event did not end up being a group, but a solo ride. I will have you know it was still fully enjoyed and the colors in the wild were amazing.

Sunset nearing, time to find camp.

As you can see, I also like to fill my bikes with color. A little help from #Dirtbagsbikepacking is always appreciated. The wheelset on this one is one of the first KandyBikes wheelsets built, sometime in 2012. Originally meant for a 29" hardtail racer, they work pretty well for gravel touring. Holding up nicely.

Good morning at the watering hole.

This spot didn't look as amazing in the dark for a water up, but it was quite serene in the morning.

I have recently been lucky enough to put together a fresh new full custom build of a gravel race rocket. It is also full of color and the first ride was another great one for viewing the color out in the Hills!

Race rocket ready.

This wheel set is a KandyBikes made this year. It weighed in at 1323 g. Helped make this new bike race worthy at under 17.5 lbs. Thanks to #Otsocycles for the great frame and fork, #Wolftoothcomponents for the nice gold highlights, and #E13components for the very nice crank and cassette.

To anyone who happens to read this, get out and ride. Go see the colors, and not just in autumn, all of the time. The world is full of brightness, go find it.


Add some color...


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