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Honing the Craft

It has been a while since a blog has been posted here. It is time for change immediately and moving forward.

We have finally finished a highly anticipated project. It required all of the skills and techniques that we have been working on for a while now, and it has all paid off. The pics posted are of a customer's full refinish. This bike was received whole and all of the tear down and rebuild was also done in the shop.

We were after a mock up of an early 70's Chevelle SS. In particular, one owned by renowned musician, Billy Strings. It seems to have turned out to be an incredibly sharp finish. The customer received it with piles of stoke. All stencils and decals were designed or touched up by our graphic designer. Permission for the Billy Strings images was also obtained for one off use on one condition, that the finish be posted on some of the forums. We hope that it is received as well as it was by the customer.

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